News From The Naomi Foundation

Scientists presented their work and spoke to colleagues and students at the second GRTF Meet & Greet on November 3rd. The gatherings, which are held at TAU in the spring and the fall, promote conversation around the advanced work being done by GRTF Fellows at TAU and are attended mainly by scientists across disciplines. GRTF […]

Harvard Professor Emeritus, Ruth Wisse, spoke yesterday at the 4th annual Naomi Prawer Kadar Memorial Lecture at YIVO on “Abraham Sutzkever: The Power in Poetry.” Wisse discussed Sutzkever’s coming of age in Vilna in the 1920s and 30s when Yiddish poetry was the favored creative outlet of its Jewish youth. For him, poetry—but only if […]

Teach First Israel (Chotam) celebrated its fifth anniversary with at its annual conference, which included Chotam teachers, staff, supporters, and dignitaries from around the world, as well as Teach For America’s founder, Wendy Kopp. Nadav Kadar, VP of the Naomi Foundation’s Board of Directors and Ilana Kurizki, Advisor to the Board of Directors and the […]

The Kadar Center at Manor Cabri held its second annual conference (“Kenes Kadar”), on the correlation between school culture and implementing research-based learning in schools. On March 30, over 230 middle and high school teachers and school administrators from all sectors gathered to hear Dr. Perez Lavie, Technion President, deliver keynote remarks. Presentations were given by Rony […]

Columbia students gathered for an intimate reception to celebrate and exchange information about the Naomi Prawer Kadar International Yiddish Summer Program at Tel Aviv University, which was recently added to the Columbia Study Abroad List of Officially Approved Programs. Thanks in large part to the efforts of Columbia’s new hire, Professor Agi Legutko, Lecturer in […]

“What these young people are offering is a tremendous gift. They have the talent, the passion and…global reach…” – David Roskies In geveb: A Journal of Yiddish Studies is a soon-to-be online home for scholarly articles on Yiddish topics, a blog with reviews and current events, and a translation hub for short pieces. In geveb’s […]